Q: Is financial need of the student also taken into account while deciding an award of the scholarship?
A: No, OPJEMS is a scholarship that is awarded purely on the basis of merit and a financial need is not taken into account in any of the decisions.
Q: How many students will be awarded scholarships?
A: A total of 100 students shall be awarded.
Q: Would I be required to sign any long term bonds if I get the scholarship?
A: No, there are no bonds in order to accept the scholarship.
Q: If at present I hold any scholarship, will I still be eligible to apply for OPJEMS?
A:Yes, a student holding any other scholarship can still apply for OPJEMS, provided he/she meets the Eligibility criterion.
Q: What are the important dates?
A: Important Dates are :
   Date of Launch
   Last date for registration
   Last date for submitting business proposal
   Date of online test
   Date of virtual interview
   Declaration of final results
: 7th August 2023 (Monday)
: 19th September 2023 (Tuesday)
: 19th September 2023 (Tuesday)
: 21st & 22nd September 2023 (Thursday & Friday)
: 16th – 20th October 2023 (Monday-Friday)
: 31st October 2023 (Tuesday)
Q: How a student can nominate himself / herself for OPJEMS scholarship?
A: Students cannot nominate themselves; they can only be nominated by their respective institute according to the nomination criteria.
Q: How a student can register himself / herself?
A: Students can register themselves through OPJEMS mobile app, by clicking on ‘Register’ tab. Only students nominated by institute can register themselves.
Q: Is student who has been nominated / awarded in any of the previous year’s OPJEMS scholarship also eligible for current year OPJEMS scholarship?
A: Yes he/ she is eligible, provided he/she meets the eligibility criterion.
Q: How will the online test and interviews are conducted this year?
A: Everything from launch to online test & interview will happen on virtual platform.
Q: When will Medal Ceremony happen?
A: Date(s) of Medal ceremony shall be communicated in due course of time.
Q: What is the amount of scholarship?
A: Scholarship amount for Management Institutes is Rs. 1,50,000
     Scholarship amount for Engineering Institutes is Rs. 80,000
Q: What psychometric test will be used in OPJEMS online test?
A: PPA (personal profile analysis) will be used. PPA assesses behavior basis DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance) theory formulated by Dr. William Moulton Marston.
Q: Can students from non-participating institutes apply for scholarship?
A: No.
Q: Can students from mixed stream / dual degree apply or eligible?
A: No. Students from only core / flagship courses are eligible.
Q: What is Nomination Process of OPJEMS 2023?
A: Institutes representatives share the nominations basis eligiblie criteria for OPJEMS 2023.